Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last Day at Home Until August

Well, just sent the car to the shop to get serviced.  After being through 4 states in less than 24 hours in a round-trip, I'm in need of a relaxing day.  We drove to North Carolina to get my car for the summer, a cool 400 mile trip.  Now all that's left is packing my infinite number of clothes, xbox, laptop, TV and whatever else I feel fit to go in my room for my trip.  This summer will be different from all the others.  I've always just woken up at the crack of noon, got ready for my games at either 5 or 7, and came home around midnight to late-night xbox sessions with my brother.  Now, I'll be 450 miles away from home, essentially doing the same thing (just in a different state).  I am, however, in search of a job.  Hopefully I can get that pitied starving-college-student golf course job a few days a week.  For now, I'll live off the gracious donations of my wonderful parents.  I'm not sure what's in store for me in the upcoming weeks, but I'll surely keep this updated so anyone can get a sense of what "growing up" (yeah, right) is like as a baseball player across state lines.  I'm going into this with as much information as whoever is reading this, unless Cliff Lee or Tim Lincecum is reading this.  If that's the case, give my number to whoever you see in the clubhouse, even the cleaning ladies.  I imagine they have some pull in the organization.

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  1. You're going to miss it! I promise. When I first went to school, I missed home like crazy.