Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back at School

Well, I just move back into school.  My roommate and I spent about 3 hours building my futon and nightstand, as I have the carpentry skills of a hamster.  I've never been very good at building things, but my room is set up to the point where it's livable.  Today, I'm moving more things in and heading to Best Buy to finally get my iPad.  I've been saving for a while and I'd like to personally thank everyone who's read this blog in the past months, it's helped me both emotionally and fiscally as a college student.  I look forward to continuing it, as it's impacted a lot of people in ways I couldn't imagine.  Thanks everyone!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rough Days

Well, a few days ago my uncle was admitted into the hospital.  He's had an awful headache for days, and finally it got to the point where he collapsed in the shower.  He's the toughest guy I know, so for him to admit to that kind of pain is rather unsettling.  At first the doctors felt it was Viral Meningitis, but after testing believe it is an an aneurysm.  I visited the hospital yesterday, and of course his spirits were good.  He's taught me to always be loose and act like a kid for as long as you can, because being an adult isn't nearly as fun.

Normally, I take these things pretty well.  Things happen and go away and you move on.  However, this is the man who introduced me to baseball, and did everything he could to get me to all of my games.  He signed me up for my first pitching lesson when I was 12.  I owe everything I've ever done to him.  So, it's tough to see him in a situation like this.  He's a father figure to me, and all I can do is hope that testing and procedures go well, and that he turns out just fine.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Golfed Today

Well, today I played a round of 18 with my brother and a friend.  Shot decent, as I'm around an 8 handicap, so I was on track with that.  I did have my second ever Eagle on the par 5 7th hole.  Had a good time, and it was the last time I'll see my friend til he gets back in town from college, as he leaves tomorrow.  Just found out about some rough medical issues in our family, but hopefully it'll be ok.  I've had enough of hospitals for the year.  Have a good week everyone.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finished With Summer Ball

I just got finished with Summer ball.  Was at two tournaments in the past week and it's been hectic.  I threw last Monday against a solid Brooklyn team and went 7.1 innings.  We ended up winning 15-8 in a pretty offensive game.  I go back to school in a week and a half or so and I'm looking forward to fall scrimmages with the incoming Freshman.  Just a quick update while I have the time.