Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Win Today

Today I was in the bullpen. I was told I'd be needed for 2 innings and possibly more. Our starter threw really well and by the 4th inning his pitch count was getting up around our team's limit. I hate pitch count, but in this league we try to get everyone work. I went to warm up in the bottom of the 4th and was in the next inning.

I walked the leadoff batter. I hate uttering those words but it happened. After a few hits and 2 awful calls in the field I gave up 3 runs. Not happy, I then realize our pitchers are hitting tonight due to a lack of players. We're now down one run and I'm up to bat. I worked myself into a 2-2 count against a D1 kid. I smoked the next pitch into right field. Opposite field hit. I continued to score a run and tied the game up.

The next 2 innings went smoothly and we were leading by 4 when I came out of the game. My first hit in 2 years got me a victory in a college-level game. Not a bad night

I'm writing this on my phone as we have a 1.5 hour drive back to our place. I'm pretty happy about tonight. Even though I struck out to a lefty throwing 90 the next at bat. Oh well. I got the win.


  1. congrats on your 1st win, sounds awesome

  2. Very proud of you Sulli!!!
    Congrats to you and the team!!!!