Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Student Loan Day....

Today was that infamous day that I had to apply for a student loan for the next school year.  If you haven't gone through this process, it's basically the same feeling as bashing your head against the nearest desk.  I called up the company and went through the validation process, which was unnecessarily too long.  Once I got on the phone with an actual human, she of course had an indecipherable accent.  I went through the application process without killing anyone and finally got through it.  On the bright side, I don't need an excessive amount of money due to the scholarships I receive academically.

Today was pretty much the same as any other day.  I woke up, worked out and ate.  Now I'm doing my daily post trying to get out some stress.  I'll probably follow this up with some music and Xbox Live.  It's always fun to take out my frustrations on Call of Duty and the 13 year-olds on Summer vacation.  I don't have much more to write about right now.  Here's a video I've been watching a lot lately.  Makes me feel better at times.


  1. John Mayor is my all time favorite artist!

  2. Extremely talented human. Saw him live, just an incredible show. This song is a pretty good representation of being away from home too. So I listen to it a lot.

  3. I know that feel. I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to confirm that they received my payment with my loan company.