Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Doubleheader

Yesterday we played a 2 game set.  I showed up for Game 2 as I was in relief.  Game 1 went really well and we ended up beating the team pretty badly, something like 12-1.

Our Game 2 starter did extremely well, as all our starters do.  I came into the game in the 5th inning with 2 outs and got the batter to fly out to center after the previous batter hit one over our shortstop.  I went into the 6th inning and started a kid off with a walk.  I'm struggling with accuracy due to the lack of flat work away from the game, I'm getting my suitemates to work on that with me so I can stay sharp.  I struck the next kid out on a fastball that froze him on the corner.  My arm felt pretty alive yesterday and I felt like I was throwing hard, which isn't usually the case.  The next kid flew out to right and we actually doubled the kid up at first, but the umpire decided to not watch the play.  I battled the next kid for honestly 13 pitches, he fouled everything off to the right side.  I fooled him with a splitter low and away, but the zone just wasn't there for the home plate umpire either.  Runners on first and second, and I got the next kid to fly out to center.  1 hit, no runs, and a strikeout isn't too bad a day for me.

I start this Saturday, and will not be able to make it home for my brother's graduation party now.  On the bright side, I finally get to start a game, but won't be able to see my friends or family at the party.  I guess this is the price I pay for going 350 miles away to play baseball.

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