Sunday, June 5, 2011

Successful First Start

I had my first start for my summer league team today.  With the amount of pitching that we have, I'm grateful to be a starter as a Freshman in this league.  It does, however, limit the amount of pitches our starters are able to throw.  We need to work everyone in, so starters get about 4 innings or 85 pitches.  I threw 4 innings today to a good-hitting ball team.  After I was done, I had 5 strikeouts and gave up 2 hits for 2 runs.  I was very happy with those numbers as some of these kids are no-doubters for the draft whenever they're eligible.  Every pitch felt great and my velocity is picking up as well.  Working out every day is definitely showing on the field.  I threw to this team just like I would any other team, working fastballs inside and soft stuff away to freeze hitters.  This worked out extremely well, as I gave up only 2 hits.  One being on a terrible hop due to an undragged field.  In a league like this, a pitcher needs to work inside as much as possible.  I hit one kid (the pitch was actually a strike) by working a Splitter inside on an 0-2 count.  Things like that happen, and overall I was very satisfied with the result of my day.  Now, it's another week in the weight room and I'll be ready for my next start.

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