Monday, July 18, 2011

Update. Finally!

Ok, so long story short, I'm back home for the summer.  After dealing with players, or the lackthereof, the team only had about 10 players for every game.  Every game I threw I was drained, as I had to hit and play the field as well.  On top of this, some unfortunate things happened, and I was better off coming home for the remainder of the summer.

I'm on a team from my area of Ohio and I've already had 2 starts and multiple appearances in relief for my new team.  I've had more playing time in 2 weeks than 4 weeks in Jersey.  I'm still working hard in the weight room and throwing as well as I can for a summer league.

I wanted to put up a post as my mother has been nagging me for it and a lot of people follow it who I don't talk to, but are interested in my travels.

I'll be updating regularly again, and like always, I'm off to go workout.

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